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The LinkSV database has 20+ years of formations, fundings, M&A and IPO events, plus thousand of executive moves.

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  • Board Members
  • Angel Investors
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Identify campaign targets from detailed compamy profiles using 30+ filters on sector, keywords, headcount, funding, execuives, location and more.

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  • Make cold calls and generate leads
  • Follow up with prospects
  • Supplier communications
  • Calendar management
  • Online research
  • Basic photo and video editing
  • Newsletter creation

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"We recently began working with eVirtual Assistants and couldn't be happier. Aba and her team are easy to work with, flexible, professional and proactive. The team adjusted their work hours to align with our target market, and they made suggestions on outreach techniques and fine tuned our telemarketing message. They were operational quickly and provided daily updates to my team. No hand holding on our part! Truly a professional organization."